Bancha (Arashiyama) Organic Green Tea Japan
Bancha (Arashiyama) Organic Green Tea Japan

Bancha (Arashiyama) Organic Green Tea Japan

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Bancha (Arashiyama) Organic Green Tea Japan
The Japanese traditionally drink this tea with their meals, and it is considered a classical everyday tea. The large-leaved tea is taken from the lower shoots of the tea plant. The leaves are rich in minerals, but contain up to 70 per cent less caffeine than the Gyokuro teas, which are won from the young shoots. After brewing, the evenly worked leaf shows its real quality and its fine leaf structure. The taste is very soft, discreet, and slightly grassy. The discreet note makes this tea perfectly suitable both for green tea beginners and lovers. 1-3 minutes brewing time 75° - 80° C water temperature 4-5 level tsp./1 litre
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